Catamaran Cabo, Cabo San Lucas Catamaran Rentals, Charters, hire, boat, Yacht

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, so it's only natural that you want it to be perfect. Our catamarans and yachts will give you just the right amount of luxury, so that you'll have a day you will never forget. And, most importantly, we'll make sure you don't have to lift a finger the entire day!


Catamaran Cabo, Cabo San Lucas Catamaran Rentals, Charters, hire, boat, Yacht

Want to throw a party no one will ever forget? Then Catamaran Cabo is perfect for you! We'll provide you with a boat that will fit all your friends and any entertainment you could want. And, if you have a special request, we'll be more than happy to fulfill it for you.


Catamaran Cabo, Cabo San Lucas Catamaran Rentals, Charters, hire, boat, Yacht

No matter what your event is, big or small, classy or crazy, we'll there for you. We'll host everything, from weddings and dinners to corporate retreats. And, most importantly, we'll host them according to your exact specifications. We offer a truly all-inclusive luxury event service.


At Catamaran Cabo, we use our years of expert understanding of luxury water vessels and the Cabo area to bring you the best service possible. We'll host all your events, no matter what their size or what your requirements for them are. We've worked over the years to learn as much as we can about our business, so that we can offer you flawless service. Not only that, but we also have some of the best crafts in the area.
At Catamaran Cabo, we research our vessels extensively so that you can have the best time on your vacation. We offer a wide variety, so that you have choices no matter what your event. We have luxury yachts, smaller crafts, fishing boats, and catamarans. And, if you aren't sure what boat will work best for what you need, you can speak to our representatives and they'll match you with the perfect choice.
Are you throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party? Your group will love one of our larger luxury yachts, fully stocked with drinks and with plenty of space for entertainment. For a family day out, try one of our catamarans or fishing boats. No one will complain as they enjoy the day in the sun, swimming in crystal blue waters.
Our services extend to anything you could need while you're aboard. Our captains and wait staff are some of the best in the area, all highly trained to meet your every need. We offer chefs to cater your favorite meals for you. And, if you want your entire trip captured professionally, one of our photographers or videographers will be happy to capture every moment.
Contact us if you want more information or if you're ready to book your vessel. We can't wait to hear from you!

Drink & Food Options

Drinks and Food options
Our chefs will make you the most decadent meals you've ever had. We cater:
Drink Services

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Catamaran Packages

Group Catamaran Packages
Our all-inclusive package is perfect if you want every single detail of your event taken care of, down to the last detail. We'll be happy to personalize your package, too, so you're not spending money on services you don't need.

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Contact us for more info:

Contact us for more info:
If you're ready to book your package, contact us now! If you have and questions, please reach out to one of our representatives and they'll be more than happy to help you plan your event. Make sure you ask about any specials or discounts we're currently offering!

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